I’m here!

Hi, I’m here!! I have kept a journal off and on over the years and have found it enjoyably cathartic. As such, I’ve decided to make an attempt at keeping a blog. So we’ll see….

Unfortunately, this inaugural post may seem a bid morbid. Weirdly, our family has often found humor in things of this nature. We never mean any disrespect. We believe there is so much in life that is taken far too seriously. Jesus is all about joy so we should be too.

Today I had a cardiology follow up, after 5 days in the hospital… so unexpected, but that story most already know. Side note: You gotta love a Doctor who describes you as young 🙂 He told us today that I really need to have a “procedure” called a Cardio Ablation. It is rather invasive as they somehow work a tool all the way from one’s groin into their heart. Yikes. I may have this in 6-8 weeks. Most of you won’t think it’s a big deal because the mortality rate is only 1-2%. Never has those odds sounded so daunting to me.

Anyway, juuuuust in case I’m in the 1-2%, over the next 6 weeks I may say & share some things in a condensed way. Things that may have normally been spread over much more time and as such, been delivered more personally. OK, so here goes….

I know many of my friends are atheist, agnostic, etc. and many are so beaten up by their own Christianity and the hypocrisy that is so pervasive in our faith. So this one is simple, yet profound. At some point consider forgetting everything you know and have experienced regarding the Christian faith. And then, just ask God to reveal Himself to you in His purest form. He tells us in the Bible that if we seek Him with an open heart, we will find Him. Seek HIm. Not someone else’s version. He is faithful and just.


These are the first ones to leave the nest. 🙂



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6 Responses to I’m here!

  1. David says:

    Well written Ann!
    Debbie and I will pray you stay in the 98%.
    love you sis.

  2. I remember when I had brain surgery in 1984. I went through a time of contemplation and self examining. I wish I had your sense humor and joy; I tend to lean toward the more dramatic (Eeyore-ish) side of things. It is good to remind ourselves of the important things in life; and leave the struggles to the Lord. God bless you as you go through this time.

  3. What beautiful daughters and mom! Good luck with what you face.

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