God is Good, God is Love, Samuel’s Home!

If you experience Good and Love in your life, in any shape or form, you are experiencing God, whether or not He is perceived. Goodness & Love are God. They cannot be separated. I cannot/have not fully processed this. It requires one to think outside “the box” 24/7. As human beings, that takes a real effort. We really need to close up that box and recycle it because God will never fit into it. He reminds us over and over that His ways are not our ways. That’s why when someone comes across as having all the answers it really bothers me. None of us have all the answers. We must strive to allow each and everyone their own journey. Without judgement. You do not know my heart & I do not know yours. I love the story of King David, a man after God’s own heart, yet what a screw up. I’m so grateful for the Grace of God that goes before us and covers over our screw ups with the blood of Christ. God is always present everywhere. We are the ones that need to show up and live that reality.

Samuel returned home this week from a one month trip to Indonesia, a primarily muslim country. He lived and worked with the families in different fishing communities. He immersed himself in their culture. He was a blessing and he was blessed. God is there. Samuel said that even though they do not have material wealth they have everything they need. No one goes hungry, no one is homeless and you really don’t know where one family ends and another begins because they all take care of one another. That is Goodness & Love and wherever you find those, you are finding God. Whether or not He is perceived. He is working.

These are photos from Samuel’s Indonesian journey. As you can see, he really did immerse himself in the culture. 🙂 He was the last to leave my nest. 😦 Although, I am happy to say they are all flying high! What a joy it is to be their Mom and to see their different paths. As my “about me” on Facebook says….I live to Glorify God, but often fail. Nevertheless, I’m on an adventure and if my children grow up to serve the living God I will have ultimately succeeded. I believe I have succeeded. 🙂

~ Ciao for now

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