Bliss & Heartache

Just some things I want my kids to know before I die.  I believe they are aware already, but here it is in black & white just to be sure.  🙂  These came to mind a few days ago as I scheduled my Cardio ablation for September 20th.  (That’s the thing where they actually go into your heart with a balloon to freeze the electrical impulses that have gone crazy.)

Some of life’s best & worst moments are those that involve our children.  Bliss & heartache can run rampant through a year, a month, a week, day or hour.  We as parents know this full well.

I do not believe in living with regret.  If you love and appreciate the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” than you should not believe in regrets either.  You never know how some little change you wish had happened can completely affect the direction of your life and those around you.  See this movie, you’ll know what I mean.

I do believe in living with gratitude.  One thing I am particularly grateful for today is that my kids at ages 25, 22 & 18 are more spiritually astute and mature than I was at their respective ages.  I think most of us want more for our kids than we had.  This is one area in which I feel extremely blessed.  Hopefully this maturity will propel them in ways I can only imagine.

I have learned so much over the past 25 years from my kids.  Lately different qualities have popped out at me that I love in them.

With Alli, it has been her passion.  It gives me goose bumps and silly grins when I see her and hear her talk about life and her enjoyment of it.  I wish for everyone to be as passionate about life and making a difference in this life as she is.  She amazes me. I want to live with more passion.

From a Dominican mission trip a few years ago.

With Ariana, it is her ability and wish to live in the moment and to appreciate each moment & event as it is occurring. She is a wonderful example in those moments when interacting with people regardless of status, place, age or otherwise.   She finds joy in simple things as well as the complex.   I want to live more in the moment.

Our whole family went on this mission trip.

With Samuel, it is his wish be a quiet, yet loud example of Christ likeness.  Since the day he was politely asked to leave our Jewish neighbor’s home (at age 6) for sharing Jesus with his little friends, through age 18 when he felt compelled once again to go on another mission trip to share his faith.  He’s been relentless.  He has a sensitive sweet spirit and an all-encompassing desire to be all that God wants him to be.  I want more of that too.

Samuel & Jeffery

I see each of these qualities in all 3 of my children.  This is my bliss.  It covers a multitude of heartache.  My prayer is they each continue to grow in wisdom and stature.  Watch out world.

Sam and I were talking to some dear friends this week who have had more than their share of heartache and they wonder if there will ever be bliss again.  It was a startling reminder  to be grateful in life and to strive to be a beacon of light in someone else’s heartache.  Sometimes we need to hold onto hope for others because they are unable to do it for themselves.

May your bliss out weigh your heartache.

~ Ciao


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4 Responses to Bliss & Heartache

  1. I LOVE the Smith family. Ann – that was a really sweet post.

  2. Anita says:

    Bliss and heartache … what a wonderful set of words to explain the complexity of good relationships! Praying for your upcoming “ablation” … and more thoughtful posts.

  3. David says:

    I loved this post Ann. You express your thoughts so very well. David

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