An Open Letter to my friend John Hay (so he can’t turn me down)

To my good friend, John Franklin Hay,

When the time comes I want you to be the key note speaker at my funeral.  Yes, you.  Please.  I think you know me well enough to know that I would not want it to be “the usual.”  I would want it to be not so much about me, but about the Gospel.  Not the usual “gospel” that repels people – but the real, transparent Gospel.  Not the kind that society in general tends to look at as judgmental and mean, but the one that “draws all men & women.”  You know the one.  The one that is so easy, that it’s hard.  I want everyone that may be in attendance to feel the love.  I want it palpable.  Got it?  Good.

To those who may think I’m a bit melodramatic about a simple cardiac ablation…  oh well.  Really, we should all do this asap as all our days are numbered.

If you pray, remember me the morning of September 21.  I’ll be at Fairfax Hospital Cardiac Center.  If you don’t pray, let me know and I’ll pray for you.  Love to all.

Ciao for now~


Peace & Love


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2 Responses to An Open Letter to my friend John Hay (so he can’t turn me down)

  1. Susan Barr says:

    The Barr’s will be praying!

  2. Really, Annie! I’ve never had such a bold proposition. Or is it an invitation? Or summons? Whatever… I’ll obey. I will try. (Catch that? From Les Miserables?). A tall order, by the way. You may change your mind by the time you finally give up the ghost fifty-some years from now when your grandchildren and many great grandchildren–on your cue and in your reflection–mirror to you and to all the gospel-which-is-really-the-gospel. They and all of us will no doubt feel the love because they and we would have felt if from you and Sam all along. So, I hope this reassures you and calms your heart even before it gets a little mechanical attention in a few weeks. Prayers and peace.

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