Well, I’m Not Pregnant

Well, I’m not pregnant. I really was not even wondering, but apparently that’s one of the questions “they” need answered when pre-op blood work is ordered.  Anyway, hopefully one week from today I’ll be returning home from the hospital with a successful Cardio Ablation behind me, God willing.  God are you willing?  Please say yes.

I just learned that Sam put me on a “prayer list” so I guess he would like me to be around a bit longer as well.

“Sam Smith requests prayer for his wife Ann, who was in Fairfax Hospital Cardiac Center for 5 days the end of June.  She is scheduled, on September 21, to return and have a cardiac ablation procedure and, hopefully, a shorter stay.  Please keep her in your prayers the morning of the 21st.  Thank you.”

As you may remember per my 1st post, I asked everyone  to consider Christianity in a new way, Christians and non-Christians alike.  It is my prayer that everyone comes to know and understand the Gospel. The Gospel often (sadly) looks very different from a version of Christianity you may have seen or experienced. I may have said this before, but if you view Christianity negatively, then you have not really been exposed to a true version.

Side note: Sam and I decided that when Samuel left for college we would begin to look for a church that is smaller than McLean Bible, a mega church we had attended for many years.  Sam was never comfortable with the size of the church, but their youth program was wonderful and we know and love the youth pastor and his wife.  They are unbelievably dedicated to what they do.  Even in a youth group of hundreds of kids our son received invaluable personal attention and mentorship.  Samuel left a few weeks ago for his sophomore year at Seattle Pacific University and  today we finally decided to visit a church in Vienna that we can walk to if we want.  It’s Anglican, it’s new, it’s very friendly & they preach the Gospel.  We rather liked it.  So, we’ll see.  Anyway I said all that to say, the first sermon we heard was wonderful and I’m sharing it here today because it was all about the Gospel.  We were there for part 2, but I see part 1 is available too if you are so inclined, with part 3 & 4 to come.  The Gospel part 2

A true understanding of the Gospel and Christ’s finished work on the cross compels a believer toward love, toward joy, toward peace, etc.    A journey worth taking.  Love to all.

~Ciao for now


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