There’s a Bit of Mimi in All of Them

Everyone who knew Mimi knew that she loved to cook & entertain & presentation was, well, (almost) everything. Of course, flavor was important as well. She would turn an everyday moment into something very special. Some of that certainly rubbed off on Sam and our 3 kids.  Sam has always loved being in the kitchen with the kids.  The kids have all loved cooking & presenting. I would eat anything any of them would ever make. Why? Because it was good!  And always looked good. And all I had to do was sit down and partake & enjoy. They each give me such joy & make me happy.

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Ariana spent a semester abroad in France last year and worked as an apprentice in a renowned French bakery in Montpelier.  She has since started a wonderful food blog called Culinari Heart.  Check it out, you’ll love it.  Alli is also a ‘foodie’ and makes most of her meals with local, fresh in season food from scratch.  Even with her busy schedule.  Samuel cooked for 40 in his dorm last year at school.  He made our Smith Family Shrimp Boil, sans the shrimp as someone had an allergy.  Nevertheless, he said it was a big hit and everyone loved it… I’m sure it helped that you eat it all with your hands after dumping it out on the table.

I will never worry about any of them ‘going hungry.’  Anything they serve, no matter how meager, will always be with a certain panache.  It’s in their genes.

Bon Appétit.

Ciao for now.



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