Do Not Save (everything)

Presenting to Paw Paw for his 70th Birthday

Two of my kids got the ‘save’ gene from their father.  The other, not so much, we had to monitor him or he would have given everything away.  If he even thought someone was having a birthday, he would run up to his bedroom, grab his favourite toy (at the moment), wrap it in a dish towel and then present it with great pride.

To the young parents out there, do not save everything.  I’m guessing in this day of digital cameras & social media/internet this problem has already begun to dissipate… yeah?  If not, my advice is to take a picture of your child with their school projects to save their project digitally.  Then, bury the project in the waste can.  If you do not bury it, that will be the one time your child decides to throw a wrapper away rather than leaving it where they unwrapped it.  It’s hard to recover from that.  So bury deeply.

Do not save for the Grandchildren.  Everyone will want new things.  Have your children donate their toys when they are ready to move on.  Let them participate in acts of generosity and compassion.  O.K., maybe save one toy that has great sentimental value and is in good shape.

Start now before your storage room looks like this.

The Abyss



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