Happy New Year! Bring it 2013!

Grateful for all that God has taught me this year….. over and over again….. Grace and Love is what will change the world. Everything will flow from that. Everything. Happy New Year to all! Looking to 2013 with anticipation.

Looking back on the last week of 2012 with gratitude.  It has reaffirmed we are a crazy, yet loving family and I LOVE it when we are all together.  I have been overwhelmed with so many emotions.  We have laughed so hard, cried often, had some wonderful discussions and basically solved all the problems of the world.  🙂 I love the passion and generosity  and compassion that seems to be deeply engrained in each of our kids.  They are a great source of joy.  From preparing for our Christmas party, the party,  to all the traditions we hold for Christmas day, to our road trip through Niagara Falls, Frankenmuth, Michigan, to my Mom & Dad’s and home again we were able to make some wonderful family memories.  Tonight Ariana is on her way to San Diego to celebrate the New Year with Conner, Alli is back in Baltimore celebrating the New Year with friends, Samuel is out with many of his friends and Sam and I are quietly bringing in the New Year at home with a a big fire in the fireplace all comfy and cozy.  And in this moment all is right with the world.

Image 3 IMG_1943 IMG_1891 IMG_1899 IMG_1879 IMG_1779 IMG_1771


Ciao for now~


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