Let’s let the Gospel be Good News once again – Let It Be

Lord, teach us to really love like you. Help us to show justice and mercy to the extreme like you. Melt our hearts to reach out and care for the poor & oppressed, to not just step over or walk by on the way to our Bible studies, tea parties, shopping sprees, offices, sporting events….. Help us to be intentional in looking for and finding ways to ease another’s burden in our homes, neighborhoods, communities and around the world.

Guide our eyes back to you and only you and away from national pride, political issues, any preacher/evangelist/national leader/blogger/ministry and anyone or anything that distracts us from knowing you and living the Good News of the gospel. Help us to be light and salt that others will see you in us and desire you. Help us, as the church, to be the change we wish for the world. Get us off our soapboxes preaching that we have all the answers. Allow us to be humble freely admitting you are the only one with complete knowledge. Rather let the emphasis of our lives be on the main thing… the Good News / the Gospel of Jesus Christ…. because Jesus plus NOTHING equals everything. Convict our hearts if we are trying to squeeze anything else into that equation.

Help us to not judge, but to love recklessly. The world needs us to model your love and grace more than anything. Raise our trust quotient in your sovereignty and release our fear of what may happen if we show too much love and grace. For we do realize that is not even possible for us when we look at your example.

Thank you for your love and grace. We are overwhelmed, pressed down, shaken together and running over.




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One Response to Let’s let the Gospel be Good News once again – Let It Be

  1. Thanks for this from-the-heart to my gut prayer.

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