40 Days and 40 Nights (without coffee)

How wonderful to celebrate my 53rd birthday on Fat Tuesday!  A license to indulge if ever there was.  My (slightly sick, pre surgery) wonderful husband and each of my kids truly brightened my day, as well as the birthday wishes through the magic of Facebook. Blessed & grateful I am.

Tomorrow begins Lent.  Back ‘in the day’ it was all about the time, before baptism, used to contemplate and self-examine to decide if one was really ready to do what it takes to follow Christ.  Death was a real possibility, so you wanted to be really sure.  It has since evolved into a 40 day period of self-denial leading up to Easter.  I remember my first exposure to the concept of Lent.  It was on an Ash Wednesday.  I saw random people throughout my day in various places with dirt smudged on their foreheads.  I had no idea what was going on, but I thought it was so weird.  Since that time there have been occasional years that I have chosen to ‘given up’ something for Lent – although I rarely made it the full 40 days.  Other years I have barely even given it a thought.  This year I am partnering with another charity dedicated to making clean water accessible to all.  Blood:Water Mission.  They are asking others to join in ‘giving up’ all beverages except water for 40 days (except for Sundays) to help raise awareness of the need for clean water and for Ugandan water projects.  The money you save from not purchasing coffee, etc. is then donated to Blood: Water Mission.  As I said in my birthday donation to One Day’s Wages, I just want to have a small part in ending extreme global poverty.  For some time I have been burdened and have participated in many fundraisers because of the knowledge that nearly 900 million people do not have access to clean water and $20 can provide clean water for one person for 20 years.  That’s amazing and daunting to me. I can’t imagine being parched and the only water I can find is grey and murky?  I know how great it feels to guzzle a glass of cold when really thirsty.  I keep thinking – “A cup of cold water given…”  It makes my heart happy to know of so many charities dedicated to this.

Charity Water * Blood:Water Mission *  One Day’s Wages * The Water Project *  etc.  Most of them begun by Christians that have answered the call, “What would Jesus do?  A great example of love and compassion.

Here’s to a tall glass of water with lime.  🙂

~ ciao



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