ANTICHRIST… ooooooo!

It’s funny how ‘The Anti-Christ” is often elevated to a fearful level and in some ways almost made out to be some type of super hero or super villain more likely.  The reality is that deceivers throughout history and even now are “Anti-Christ.”  Really, anyone that goes beyond the teachings of Christ.


With Christ, God’s word was made flesh and as Christians that is our highest calling.  Often an emotional ‘fix’ is desired or some ‘great’ gift like the ability to speak in tongues, heal or prophesy.  You may have one of these gifts or others, that does not mean you have a substantial relationship with Jesus.  That is not the litmus test.  You cannot judge if walking in truth by whether you have these gifts.  Whether or not you are living a Christlike life comes down to this: Are you walking in Love?  Anything that obscures this is not good for you.  There is nothing deeper than the Love of God and loving others.  Nothing deeper than serving in kindness and humility — feet washing at its best.  Something is false teaching if it doesn’t cause you to love and love well.  Sometimes we spend so much time trying to discern ‘the will of God’ that we ignore God’s direct ‘do that’ as in,  walk in Love.

What does it look like to walk in Love?  Be quick to forgive as Christ forgives, be willing to serve your ‘neighbor’ (who is your neighbor? everyone who crosses your path.) Allow people into your brokenness and enter into theirs.  The Word became flesh and walked in Love.  This is what we are called to continue to do.  God continues to walk in flesh through you and me.

ANTICHRIST — Love Sick 10/2/2011



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    I need to hear this again. It bears repeating. 🙂

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