not so meek and mild ~ by s. wharton gates

I heard this presented by the poet.  It was so beautiful.  It is so beautiful.

He shocked the mannered

when he raised cups

with townies and let a long-haired lady

weep across his feet.

He angered the rich

when he said camels could pass

through needles

easier than they into heaven.

He cracked a whip and cash registers flew.

He crashed the market

when eighty pork bellies dove

over a cliff. A coin from a fish

paid his tax.

He infuriated the righteous

when he called a cheat down from a tree

and took him to dinner.

Blue-collared men walked off the job

to follow him.

He enraged the religious types

when he healed people on

his day off. He was kind to women and

said “there’s no marriage in heaven” so we could marry him.

For breaking the rules

we strung him high. But

like any man he just hung there.

As he died    he cried

Father, forgive…

and sent a murderer to Paradise.

A few days passed and that strange man

came back. He rose from the dead

(or so some said)

so he could break one last rule:

He barged through heaven’s doors

made his Holy Father ours

and set the world aright.


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One Response to not so meek and mild ~ by s. wharton gates

  1. PLTK says:

    Love it!

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