by how he treats his mother…


In Memory 4/21/30 – 4/21/92

They say you can tell a man’s character by how he treats his mother.   That’s one big reason my husband Sam was such a great catch. He was so sweet and respectful to his Mom. Next month it will be 21 years since his Mom died at the young age of 62.  At that time my girl’s were each too young and Samuel was not even born to be able to witness the wonderful example of their father’s precious relationship with his Mom.

Over the past 21 years I have become acutely aware that you can also tell a man’s character by how he treats his mother-in-law.  Over and over again I see that the depth of my guy’s character is really beyond reproach.  He is a thoughtful anticipator who pays careful attention to detail.  I’ve experienced and seen the lengths he goes to care for others.  He knows the blessing of family. We know the blessing of him.

Ciao for now~


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