My Seester!

My little sister Pamela came by this week while her little kiddos were on spring break. IMG_2328She now lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan after many years living abroad in Asia, and Arizona 🙂   She drove with 3 kids 9 and under, and an international student, in a Prius, arriving in under 10 hours.  We loved having them!  I was too sick to do much with them, but good times were still had by all.  My sister was an amazing tour guide for her kids.  She is also a genius in the “teachable moments” department.  As a result, her kids have an insatiable curiosity and are rather brilliant.  She’s a great Mum.  She was never a babysitter and we thought she might never have children, but now we cannot imagine her without them.

Twenty some years ago Pamela went all the way to China to meet her husband (they were both in the same “teaching” program.)  Together they have a love for the Chinese culture and people.  Each of them received their doctorate several years ago –  just as we thought they might remain professional students.  In the midst of that and since, they started their family and taught for many years in different parts of Asia before moving back closer to family.  Soon after returning they received news that their adoption of a baby girl from China would finally be realized.  Time really flies, and his week we had the privilege of celebrating Ronia’s 6th birthday with her.  IMG_2330

With 6 years difference in our ages there was a time my little sister was an annoyance. Later I became her protector and encourager.  Now I simply admire her.  She’s a great friend and sister, she’s an amazing mother to 3 beautiful children and she’s a blessed partner to a wonderful husband.

My hats off to Dr. Pamela Koch.

Oh yeah, my sister and husband are each fluent in Chinese and their kids are in a Chinese immersion school in Grand Rapids.  That will come in handy next year during their sabbatical in China.



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