“When such a tragedy happens, to Other People, your heart goes out to them”

Every so often,
you hear about other people
losing their child.
Sometimes there is a horrible accident
you find out about on television.
Sometimes it is a senseless murder or suicide
you read about in the newspaper.
Sometimes you learn about a deadly illness over
the telephone because, this time,
he child belongs to someone you know
When such a tragedy happens,
to other people,
your heart goes out to them.
You feel deeply saddened and perhaps,
you shed a few tears.
You then continue your charmed life,
going about business as usual.
You don’t forget, but,
you don’t necessarily remember either.
After all, the death of a child
is something that occurs in the lives
of other people.
Unless, God forbid,
the television story or newspaper article or
telephone call
is about your child.
Unless, one terrible day,
heaven and earth and hell become one.
Unless your life loses all meaning and
nothing makes sense anymore.
by a random twist of fate, or the hand of God,
you have become other people.
By Madelaine Perri Kasden
Praying for all the families touched by the tragedy in Boston today.


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4 Responses to “When such a tragedy happens, to Other People, your heart goes out to them”

  1. PLTK says:


  2. True…I remember the day we became the “other people.” You always expect that tragedy will touch someone else and not you. My heart and prayers are with those affected by this tragedy…so senseless…

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