Christians & other people’s tragedies

Love-BostonA blogging friend of mine wrote this today Should Christians Weigh in on Other People’s Tragedies?  He makes some great points.  Things I’ve been pondering recently.  More recently since our pastor’s sermon on Sunday and then the terrible tragedy in Boston.

I love this quote: “Because when love happens, God is the one doing it, whether His presence is recognized or not. In various Christian traditions, this is called “prevenient” or “common” grace, God’s power to act through us regardless of our awareness.”

There are too many ‘Christians’ that get on the ‘judgment of God’ bandwagon at a time like this.  That is wrong and at times evil.

 “It doesn’t make you a righteous martyr to prophesy about the total depravity of everyone else, particularly in derision of other peoples’ acts of kindness and hospitality. How do you know that God is not using the very random acts of kindness that you ridicule to sow evangelistic seeds with people who need to know His mercy? This seems like a clear echo of what the Pharisees were doing when they ridiculed Jesus’ miraculous healing by saying that He was in league with Beelzebul, the prince of demons. Jesus has a name for the sin that they committed in Matthew 12:31. The Holy Spirit is at work in Boston through all sorts of people, Christian and otherwise, whose hearts God is winning through the prevenient grace of participating in His love.”

A worthwhile listen on how jumping to ‘God’s judgement’ is really not your job…. Plagues  It’s all great, but hear what he says at the 25 minute marker through 32-ish.  🙂



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