Think about this…

*God refuses to coerce us by power. But when it comes to beauty? He takes the gloves off. The beauty of God is terribly hard to resist.

*These days I assume that most anyone who does not desire to know the God revealed in Jesus just doesn’t yet know how beautiful He is.

*We need not ask too many questions; we just bind up wounds. Our vocation is to touch the places that ache with tenderness & reverence.

*It is not just burdens that have weight, but blessings. In fact some of the most beautiful blessings are also the heaviest to carry.

I LOVE these quotes.  I stumbled upon and now regularly stalk @renovatuspastor on Twitter.  He is such an out of the box thinker and an all around great person of God.  I listen to his sermons.  We tweet.  I was so obnoxious when I learned he was writing a book that he sent me an advanced copy.  It’s awesome.  I just received my Amazon copy the other day.  photoThe cover is really cool and feels amazing (yes, it feels amazing.)  Oh yeah, one more thing.  When we traveled through Charlotte, N.C. last month I made us attend his church that Sunday morning.  And I was not disappointed.  He podcasts his sermons and every one I’ve listened to has been stupendous.  He is the kind of Christ follower that is attractive.  Well, he is attractive, but his countenance is really attractive.  He also blogs some (the blog).  You can see a photo of him there.  Well, enough of me sounding like a crazy person.  I am simply blessed by this ministry as it has really confirmed and reconfirmed so much of what God has taught me the past few years.  🙂

Check out  where you can get chapter 1, the foreword by @stevenfurtick, & the discussion guide for free right now!



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One Response to Think about this…

  1. pltk says:

    You should post your review on Amazon. I ordered a digital copy which will come in two more weeks. Getting a library together to take to China.

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