Ahhhhh…. Best. Sermon. Ever. about ‘the end times’

hope“Anybody can tell it like it is… Prophecy is standing over dry bones and speaking God’s hope & future over them.”  “We build bridges into God’s future.”

Building Bridges to the Future

My haphazard sermon notes: (but do listen too) 🙂

We should be preparing the way for the arrival of a king.
We shouldn’t just be sitting around waiting talking about how awful things are.
If God’s people are the hope of the world, what happens when they no longer have hope?  We have dominion over the earth and in the end we rule with Jesus.  The world is our responsibility.
God has given us a hope the world does not know.  Not for an escape, but for a renewal.  We should not be giving up hope.  God wants us to do what it takes to restore creation.
As dark things happen we sit around and say “can’t wait to go to heaven”…  We join commentators and accusers…  look at all this wickedness, can you believe it?  We are advocates and intercessors.  We need to plead the case, we see God’s future and restoration for those broken.  The world needs those who see hope where no one else sees it.  That’s prophecy.  We’ve lost the capacity to see the world for what it can become.
We see the mess, but we see the redemption.  Who says things have to get worse before it gets better?  Not talking about optimism.  Not talking about burying heads in sand.  We look at all the evil, tragedy, heartache….. don’t down play it, but we still have hope.
When the people who have God’s hope lose heart, what does that say to the world?  God wants to do some fixing in and through you.
We don’t have the right to lose hope.
We are called to speak in hope.

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2 Responses to Ahhhhh…. Best. Sermon. Ever. about ‘the end times’

  1. pltk says:

    You are listening to a lot of best sermons lately. 🙂

    I have his book now… will have to start reading

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