Alli loves her new job!

child_hungerAlli started on a wonderful new adventure about 3 weeks ago that includes her passion for those less fortunate with her desire to teach and educate.  She is now working for a nationwide non-profit in MD, Share Our Strength, that works at ending childhood hunger.  (The thought of that is so exciting.)  She is specifically heading up one of their programs, Cooking Matters, that works to help teach and empower low-income families to make decisions to be able to shop for affordable, healthy and nutritious food!  She was in Detroit for most of last week observing a statewide shopping tour day:

We are so proud of her.  We had dinner with her last night in Baltimore at a wonderful Afghan restaurant called Helmand.  (Highly recommended.)  It is such a joy to know she is happy and thriving, doing something she absolutely loves.  She’s an inspiration to me with her passion for helping to make this world a better place and her amazing faith that weaves itself through every aspect of her life.  To me her life embodies The Lord’s Prayer when it says, ‘Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.’  She’s bringing a little heaven down to earth.  I want to be better at that.

Ciao, Ann

P.S. Alli, If you read this, know that I was not emotional…  until after I finished.  🙂


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