Like a Friend, Like a Daughter, Like a Mentor

IMG_2376So, I have this dear friend who is like a daughter to me, but more often than not she’s also a mentor, but always a friend.  She is one of those rare people in the world that exude a countenance or aura, if you will, that draws you in like a moth to a flame (cliché I know), but in a good way, a very good way.

She came into our lives so many years ago when our oldest daughter was in middle school.  She was tangentially connected to Alli’s youth group.  Alli and she grew a beautiful friendship that remains very close to this day.  This is when we first met her.  She was wise and spiritually aware beyond her years.  Her’s was a pure Christianity.

Several years later we attended her wedding.  She met and married a truly wonderful man.  Maybe at first, for a teeny tiny minute, we may have wondered if he was good enough for her…..  HE IS.  They are so good together.  They have a sweet friendship and partnership and are adorable together.

In the most recent years, we have been privileged to see them and know them as parents. I only wish I had their innateness, and patience, and gentleness as parents.  (Disclaimer: I cannot complain though as I truly think my kids are amazing adults.  But still.)  They are blessed with a couple smart, beautiful, polite, funny, precious children with 2 more making an appearance shortly.  We can’t wait to meet them either.  Their lives are about to get a bit more lively, but if anyone can handle it with grace, it’s them.

Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed thinking about the different blessings in my life.  I’m so grateful for the blessing of this friendship, this ‘daughter’, this mentor and her entourage.

Some of the entourage

Some of the entourage




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2 Responses to Like a Friend, Like a Daughter, Like a Mentor

  1. NicheEnvy says:

    Oh Ann, how I adore you. Colin and I both derive such encouragement and inspiration from you and Sam, our life and parenting Sensei’s. I treasure this post and love you.

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