Wake me up to joy, beauty & wonder

4881565178_d4b359e34a_zI could not title this, Best Sermon Ever, because I’ve already used that….  although it may be.  Yes, I’m posting a link to another.  But it is so good.  Regardless of what you believe or if you do not believe in much of anything, you. will. enjoy. this.  Prototype  Based on the awesome book by the same name.

There are too many (1 is too many) “professing Christians” (this is not to say you have to be perfect) who are not “professing Christ.”  If that were not true, our culture, our society, our neighbors, our co-workers would describe a ‘ Christian’ in a much different manner, theoretically in a  positive, enthusiastic manner.  The picture Jonathan Martin paints with words in Prototype is so beautiful.  I wish for everyone to hear this and understand it.

Throw away your poor examples and preconceived notions of what a Christian is.  Listen with an open heart.  (I know there are Christians who will not get what I am trying to convey – I believe it’s because their circle is too homogeneous.)  Regardless, the rest of the world needs to know that so much that is out there right now touting to be Christianity simply is NOT a great example, period.  If it seems too mean, too judgmental, too complicated and too convoluted, etc. then throw it out and ask God to reveal himself straight to you.  If it’s simple, pure, lovely, beautiful, wonderful & awesome then that is what is real.  No exceptions.

Awake to the beauty and wonder in Christ. God wants everyone to come home.  He’s not into empty nests.

Enjoy Prototype  —  “God wants to speak to your identity … He is not ashamed of you … He delights in you.”  Now.



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