Welfare cheaters are… (wait for it, wait for it)

…not the majority.  Often too much time is spent demonizing a program that is literally life to so many people.  It is all too easy to condemn something if you have no personal investment.  Get to know a poor person or two.  Really get to know them.  Invest in their lives in someway and then form your opinion on what the government ‘needs’ to do.

A snippet into the life of someone I know in her words:

“hello ann i just saw your post about SNAP.  remember my post last fall about welfare? there is SO much people do not realize! brian is a sr this yr and taking Marketing- in order to get credit for the class to graduate he has to work 15-20hrs a week. so he got himself a job at a restaurant bussing tables. do you know that although he is a full-time high school student, and needs the job to graduate, under current SNAP laws his income counts as household income for my food stamps and section 8 because he is 18? yet, if his father were paying state ordered child support his father would be required to keep paying child support until he graduates, no matter what his age. another glitch in the system that isn’t fair and does not work properly. i cannot make him pay household bills with his money he earns. that’s his money for his stuff. but because it is counted with household income my foodstamps went down and my rent went up. these are things i think people should know. now, when he graduates and isn’t a student anymore i have no problem making him pitch in- not that i want to or am greedy but because we r just that poor. hope you are well.”

That’s a single Mom working really hard to raise 2 great boys.  She’s not lazy or greedy, she’s just trying to make ends meet.  Without the support she receives their lives would be in dire straights.

Alli knows a Mom who was laid off and looking for a job for a year.  She and her children would have been homeless without the support they received.  They struggled, but made it work.  Now that she has a job and is working full-time, her struggle is even greater because she had to give up her government support.

Yes, there are those that take advantage.  There are so many more that just really need the help.  These programs should never be cut.  They always need to have oversight.  More than that they need to be reformed in a way that does not penalize those that are hardworking, yet very much struggling.

childhood-hungerAlli has worked for a non-profit called Share Our Strength for a couple of months now.  The CEO, Bill Shore, recently shared an article on how we can help America’s youngest victims of hunger.  A daunting statistic in the article states:

“Hunger in America is at near-record levels. More than 16 million kids live in households that are struggling to put food on the table. And nearly half of all 47 million SNAP participants are children.

Yes, hunger in America is clearly a problem.”

Read the article here: Taking a Place at the Table to End Childhood Hunger  Then watch the documentary.  “We all know that something as basic as whether or not kids eat should not be subject to prevailing political winds. So what’s the catch? Why aren’t our policymakers reacting? Why do children continue to go hungry in the land of plenty?”

So, the next time you feel ‘fed up’ (pun intended) with ‘welfare’, go spend some time with those in desperation.  You will be blessed.


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2 Responses to Welfare cheaters are… (wait for it, wait for it)

  1. Great post, thanks for sharing your wisdom! I was reading an article the other day about teachers who are opposed to the breakfast program at school because it cuts into their teaching time (by 15 minutes or so). One of the comments under the article was something like “why aren’t these kids’ parents feeding them at home before they go to school? The rest of us aren’t too lazy to feed our kids before school”. My jaw hit the floor…this person had no concept of poverty in this country. *sigh*

    • You hit the nail on the head JoAnna. People often have no concept of poverty in this country. Alli is all about breakfast at school. So many of her kids would not have had a morsel until lunch otherwise. And try to teach in that circumstance.

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