Happy 23rd Birthday Ari!

You know those times life seems to whizz by at warp speed??  Today is one of those.  How is it that we are old enough to have children in their 20’s??  Well, today is the 23rd birthday for our ‘middle’ child, Ariana!  HAPPY 23rd to our 2nd baby girl!!  You were our surprise child.  To clarify: you were planned, but…  🙂  We chose not to know with you if you would be a baby boy or a baby girl.  I think you already know, we were thrilled to have another girl!  So many assumed Dad was a bit disappointed that we didn’t have a boy that go around and they couldn’t have been more wrong.  We did learn very quickly though that a 2nd girl did not mean everything would be the same.  🙂

From the time you were very little you were a creator.  You loved to write and still do!  You have some of the most comprehensive journals anyone has ever written.  I’m sure. Now you are published!  You love to dance!  Everywhere.  Even in the kitchen – Dad (as you know) oft worried he’d get a foot in the face.  🙂  We’ve had the privilege of seeing every production you have ever been in.  You loved to act.  In all the neighborhood ‘productions’ and beyond, including a couple hollywood movies.  You love creating in the kitchen and as a result we have enjoyed Culinari Heart.  You love creating cakes (here) and are set to make your 2nd wedding cake for another dear friend.

You have a beautiful compassion for those less fortunate that has never waned.  (*just try shoe shopping with her.  Do you know how difficult it is to find shoes that are not made in a veritable ‘sweat shop’ somewhere in the world?)

You have had your share of challenges and horribly difficult life moments, but you have always come out of the other side with grace, compassion and a love of life.

You have the ability and desire to live in the moment and to appreciate each moment & event as it is occurring.  You are a wonderful example in those moments, when interacting with people regardless of status, place, age or otherwise.   You choose to find joy in simple things as well as the complex.

00000339 00000236

These 2 throw a great party

These 2 catered our surprise 30th.
Including the replica wedding cake.

A night at the ballet

A night at the ballet


We love you 23 years and infinity!

“May God bless you and keep you and cause His face to shine upon you!”

Ti vogliamo bene!!


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One Response to Happy 23rd Birthday Ari!

  1. pltk says:

    A very sweet tribute.

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