Warp Speed from 0-20

Happy, happy birthday to my ever surprising 3rd born child, my son, Samuel Nehemiah Smith, III!

We just returned from a week in Glen Arbor, Michigan.  If you have never been, you must go.  Here’s why… Image 4 IMG_2945 IMG_2924     My Mom and Dad were able to spend the week with us and it was a blessing.  It was a blessing to be with them and it was a double blessing to see the care and sweetness that Samuel had with them.  He was a crazy jokester as well, but that’s just part of his charm.

This week was another stark realization as to how fast time flies and how precious our moments are.  In a few short hours Samuel will be officially 20 years old.  He will no longer be a teenager and I’ll no longer be the parent of a teenager.

Truly, it’s been warp speed from this:  2011_03_16_11_20_17 2011_04_06_13_13_07 2011_04_06_13_18_36

To this:  IMG_3193

I could not be more proud to be his Mom and I am so proud of the man he has become.

Love you Bubba!!  No matter how much you say you love me I still love you more.


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