In Which My Heart is Being Ripped in Two

We arrived in Seattle on Friday to visit with our son Samuel at college and get him all settled for the new year. It’s been a blast. We’ve shopped, toured Portland with him and Melissa’s family, cheered for him and Melissa as they ran in a fun nighttime neon & black light charity run, shopped some more, had lunch with one of his best friends and his Mom & Dad (some of the loveliest people), had coffee with a wonderful man who is now retired from business & college presidenting and he regaled us with stories of adventure (at 70-ish, he’s been up and down the Grand Canyon 26 times the past 3 years), travel, micro-financing and God working in ways only God can (making the Gospel known through the Koran, Bible & an Imam), seen Samuel in his element as a leader on campus through STUB (student union board), more shopping, cooking, baking, doughnut eating and then some. We leave tomorrow morning. I don’t want to go, I do want to go, I don’t want to go, I do want to go…..

My heart is being ripped in two. It will be nice to get home, but I’ll miss him.

It gives me joy and peace to know that Samuel (Bubba) is loving his west coast college experience, that he is loved by friends and their families, that he is a leader among his peers, that he is wise and he is funny and loving and that he has an amazing, mature and obvious relationship with God. I admire him and love him so very much. It will be hard to leave him tomorrow. Next weekend it will be on to New York via Baltimore.

May God bless your 3rd year Bubba! Remember, I love you more than you love me and no matter how much you say you love me I still love you more.






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