Re: Judging well…

20778178-judge-in-red-isolated-on-the-white-backgroundOne thing I relearned this week is that people will always disappoint. It’s a lesson I have learned over and over again. Each time I am overwhelmed with gratitude for a God that is beyond gracious and ever-loving. It is so important to keep my gaze upon the author and finisher of my faith.

Today our pastor gave the most convicting/encouraging sermon on judging with a whole section called judging well. (2 Samuel 12:1-9,13; Matthew 7:1-5, 12) He came to the platform with a big paper bag over his head and announced that he was going to ‘trim’ our music minister’s hair. You would never let someone with a bag on their head cut your hair…, BAM, a great analogy for what Jesus was saying about judging others. Do not judge, lest you be judged and that whole get the beam out of your own eye before you go after the speck in others.

There is a way to judge well and proper, but for the most part, we are too judgmental. In a trite, and toxic, and destructive way. Not a great example for ‘the world.’

When our pastor said, “fill in the blank, ‘do you know what’s wrong with this country?  It’s those…….’   That’s toxic judgmentalism.” Most of us are guilty of toxic judging at some point in our lives. That resonated.

Since 2008, my family, but especially my daughter, has experienced unwarranted judgment (read: not judged well) over and over and over again with regard to our politics and our faith. It has been harsh and relentless. It has been very public. We have also experienced beautiful words of great encouragement, yet most of those have been private, undoubtedly out of their own fear of judgement.  It has been a clear struggle, often, to not be judgmental toward those that are being judgmental. Sometimes we manage to rise above and be loving and kind in spite of it all. Other times, not so much.

There is a wrong, blind way to be judgmental. There is also a way to judge well….

Jesus commands us to take the log out of our own eye first. In judging well, it is not a superior attitude. It is completely humble. We need to be quick to recognize the size of our own log. Then mercy & caring steps in which then leads to compassion & a relationship with the other person. Judging well comes from a spirit of love and compassion. DO TO OTHERS what you want them to do to you.

Judging well happens when we love others  more than we love ourselves.

Intervening must well out of love & mercy for another.

We must approach each person differently.

Judging well means we are a friend to the person. Willing to continually walk with them.

Judging well involves:

Self awareness



Willingness to gain a brother or sister

Extend love, kindness, be hope giving, and (believe it or not)

Sometimes loving a person is all the judgement that is needed. 

Judging well should strengthen a relationship. 

If you judge harshly, the Judge will judge you harshly.

All have fallen short. We are all more sinful & guilty then we like to admit.

The gospel should move us to humble & loving intervention when warranted.

Judging well is bringing us into the kingdom of God.



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