Rest in your God-breathed worth…

“I want to raise tinies who rest in their God-breathed worth, who walk in the fullness and wholeness that comes from living loved. I don’t care much about the Romans Road or star charts or behaviour modification techniques. I want to raise tinies who walk humbly and do justly. I want to raise them to know and understand the importance of family and community. I want them to see, know, and honour the men and women who have walked ahead of us on The Way.”

That quote by Sarah Bessey really resonated with me. My tinies are way past tiny, but by the complete grace of God, that’s how we hoped to raise our kids. Twenty-some years later I’m completely & humbly proud of them as young adults.

I really don’t remember how I learned of Sarah Bessey. But I love her. She is a young, wise mom who reminds me of a dear friend, Louise, who has a lot of ‘tinies’ of her own. They both use the King’s English (think runners and nappies), hailing from Canada and Scotland respectively. I also see qualities in her, through her writing, that remind me of my girls. She’s an out of the box thinker, a blogger and the author of Jesus Feminist – “An Invitation to Revisit the Bible’s View of Women.” It is such a good book!! As a woman with 2 daughters, I’m all about a real Biblical view of women. Anyone who loves a woman, whether a wife, daughter, sister, mum (English version of Mom), aunt, friend, girlfriend, etc. should read this book. It is a God-breathed book about God-breathed worth. So good. So good.

This quote. “Jesus ushered in a crazy upside down Kingdom of voluntary submission and love, a Kingdom where the least is the most honored and the one who gives everything is the one who gains it all. This is the Kingdom of love, a Kingdom without a score-sheet tally or grabs for power. This is a Kingdom without envy and bitterness, and in our relationships with one another we strive to have “the same mindset as Christ Jesus”

Wow, there is so much packed into that little quote. If internalized down to our very core with all our relationships throughout our lives at home and in the world, what a difference the world would see in us.  I’m just through chapter 5 and I’m glued.

And with this I close, “Our work in this life grows from the tree of his great love for us, birthed out of a growing and real relationship with Love itself. The organic blossoming of the fruit of the Spirit is only because of our life in the Vine.”

It’s almost Christmas!  Buy this book, read it, then give it to someone you love.




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