Companionship with Christ

“Stop. Rest with me. Leave the results with me. Relax. Enjoy me. Enjoy life; it’s my gift to you.”

Body. Soul. Spirit. Life.

ImageVacation’s done, at least all but the packing and driving back down the mountain.  It was nothing I’d expected but better, by far, than I could ever have hoped as I learned, once again, what matters most in life. 

I’d had goals for this vacation time, just like I have goals for every day, week, year of my life.  One goal was to prepare for an upcoming long hike, planned for this summer (more later) by doing lots of skiing and exercise.  it would be simple.  Ski.  Every day.  Hard.  This would build aerobic capacity, lower my resting pulse, strengthen my muscles, and kick start the fitness pursuits I’ll need to reach my summer goals. 

Instead, the wind and cold sent me home each of the first three days in less than two hours shivering and sad.  The next day I tried my hand at cross country.  I fell several…

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