On Lyme – 26 weeks of treatment to go

IMG_0215Over one month ago I was diagnosed with, most likely, Lyme disease. Vials of blood later and with a list of symptoms almost a mile long, the diagnosis is confirmed, even though the specific marker for Lyme was negative. The blood test for Lyme only has a 30 percent accuracy rate. So, the other blood markers along with my symptoms make it a rather sure thing.

I have since learned that Lyme is running rampant throughout most of the country. It has been reported that there are 30,000 cases in the U.S. but there are those who believe that number is closer to 300,000. Most people do not realize they have been bitten and it can take a long time to diagnose since many symptoms present as a whole lot of other medical issues. Such was the case with me. Best guess, I have had this well over a year.

Many doctors still treat Lyme with a month or so of antibiotics and call it good. My doctor said the leading thought is that it take closer to 9 months to eradicate all the little buggers. So, here I am, on 4 different antibiotics to be taken on a very specific schedule along with 8 different supplements to counter balance the negative effects of the antibiotics and to boost my immune system. Yummy. (that’s for you Alli) I officially gag 2 times a day.

Also, there is something called ‘the Herxheimer Reaction’ in my future. Yikes. I’m still trying to get my head around all of this….

~Ciao for now


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