Brokenness in Church/Ministry to Millenials

“If my sin appears to me to be in any way smaller or less reprehensible in comparison with the sins of others, then I am not yet recognizing my sin at all. My sin is of necessity the worst, the most serious, the most objectionable. Christian love will find any number of excuses for the sins of others; only for my sin is there no excuse whatsoever.”

Things upon which I am thinking

One my passions is Christian apologetics. I mean that not as a defense of Christiandom, but of Christianity.

Early in my formal theological education I became incredibly disillusioned with the pathetic nature of the Church. I wanted the Kingdom of God to be realized yesterday. I wanted to “imminentize the eschaton.” (This is a shout out to Dr. David van Heemst)  I felt what my dad calls weariness of the world. I saw brokenness all over the world, and I had been habituated to believe in quick fixes. I suspect that many young people struggle with this as well. (Old people do to, but I’m doing some diagnosis here).

Millennials are a tough group to minister to because of the technology that has trained us. We have grown up being formed by the internet. The physical make up of our brains is such that we intuit the world in…

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