On things that bear repeating~someone’s birthday!

Happy 75 + 1 Mom! We sure do love you!

On the birthday girl again this year – thoughts and memories from over the years in no particular order:

* She and daddy have given us an example of “til death you do part” marriage and the joy in the journey.

* She can knit & sew like it is nobody’s business, although rather severe pain makes this difficult now, evidence abounds.  She made many of our childhood Halloween costumes. She made my girls the most beautiful Christening gown & sweaters & dresses.  She made me all my homecoming & prom dresses (haute couture). And so much more.

* She’s not a coffee drinker.  I guess we all got that from our Dad. :)

* She always looks nice. Grey hair looks amazing on her and she always has on cute earrings.

* She let me get my ears pierced as a teenager (this was a big deal) and soon thereafter she got her ears pierced, hence the cute earrings.

* She wraps a perfect gift just like she folds a perfect sheet. I guess I missed that gene.

* She’s never been a huge animal lover, but she loved our dog Beau and he loved her.

* She loves my children immensely. She appreciates little things about them and I appreciate hearing them.

* She loves unconditionally. This has been evident in many situations over and over again over the years. I hope I didn’t overly use the word ‘over.’

* She grew up in a home that wasn’t a ‘Christian’ home until later, but from what I know, her parents exhibited a certain wonderful Christlikeness and I loved them dearly. Consequently, my Mom became a Christian early on in her life. She loves God and He loves her (and you too of course.)

* As a young women she met my Dad.  They married.  Had 5 children.  We all know we are loved dearly. We were  raised in a Christian home from the time we were born. By virtue of our birth we were blessed beyond measure. Within we learned unconditional love and forgiveness. A great example of Christ.

* Sam and I have tried to raise our kids within that context and by His grace the circle is unbroken. For that and many other reasons I am indebted to my Mom for her life.

Happy 76th birthday Mom!  I love you more than you love me and no matter how much you say you love me I still love you more.  Or is it the other way around?  🙂


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