a coffee conversation

On coffee dates. From a beautiful young woman I know.

journeying. exploring. questioning.

Dear God,

If we were to have coffee date today, I think we would go on an adventure and find a Starbucks nearby and I would get a caramel iced coffee. I know you would pay because that is what a loving Father does.

Is there anything better?

I would probably do most of the talking and you would listen. I love talking to you, and I am learning that you actually love hearing from me.

That you really would listen

because you love to hear my voice.

You think my voice is worth hearing.

When I would doubt that, you would ask me more questions and when I didn’t have anything else to say and the silence came I don’t think it would be awkward.

(Because doesn’t a Father love to talk and sit and listen with his daughters and sons?)

He just likes being in their presence.


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One Response to a coffee conversation

  1. kate moulton says:

    🙂 appreciate your kind words!

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