Why is it wrong for a woman to preach?

Preach away! My husband’s grandmother was a preacher in the Church of the Nazarene & started more churches in Virginia than any man. Preach on.

Michelle Mosier

no girls allowed.007 In Matthew 25:14-30, Jesus teaches the parable of the talents. Their master gave three servants talents. The first two go and trade and increase their talents, but the third servant in the parable, knowing what is expected of him, still goes and buries his talent because he is afraid. When the master returns to settle accounts with his servants, the first two are praised, but the third servant is reprimanded. This well-known parable teaches us that as servants of God we are responsible to use the gifts and abilities that the Lord has given us, not to bury them.Why do some in the church place restrictions on women that prevent them from utilizing the gifts and abilities given to them by God?  Since God instructs us to use our talent, why are some in the church telling us that we have to go bury it?

I am a woman who has…

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