On (all the craziness surrounding) Noah~

UnknownLast weekend we were honored to have friends visit us from their neck of the woods in Danville, Indiana. We love them. We are kindred spirits in many ways- even when we disagree on things. They are lovely Christians. The kind that draw you in. And well, they wanted to see a movie or two while in town. The first one we saw was Noah. None of us loved it. Nevertheless, it was entertaining. Who knew? Who knew what a firestorm was brewing. It was crazy.

Things started popping up on Facebook right and left. And it wasn’t the posts that were disturbing, it was all the comments that ensued on those posts. Christians were downright angry. Angry at an atheist, angry at a story and most had not even seen the movie. Someone said no ‘true believer’ would go and see a movie like that. Well, we are true believers and our dear friends are beautiful true believers and we all went to see it. The next day when we arrived at the theatre to see the second movie choice for the weekend, we ran into some of the gentlest and loveliest true believers we know and they were there to see Noah, along with several others from our church. We were very curious as to whether or not they would like it. We spoke with them on Sunday and one of them said it had one of the most beautiful depictions of creation he had ever seen. We talked about the examples of God’s love and mercy that were present as well as the rainbow as God’s promise to mankind. We talked about the Bible apps reporting that people reading in the book of Genesis was up over 250%. We talked about how big God is and how He can use things for His good. And He does. And He has. We also talked about the weird stones. Which were weird.

I read this quote somewhere before we even went to see the movie and I still believe it makes an important point for true believers. “The Gospel isn’t at stake when a movie comes out. It may be more at stake when people watch Christians get frantic, as if the Christian faith is such a fragile thing that a movie threatens its integrity. If the Gospel is at stake, it may be more because of how some Christians react.” Condemning people for seeing a movie is outlandish. Have an opinion, but don’t condemn.

Another of my true believer friends said there was a really good interview with the director in the Washington Post last weekend. If you chose to see the movie or not, this is worth the read: Conversation with Noah Director

Here’s another interesting interview: The Faithfulness of the Noah Film

Now seriously, love and peace to all!






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