On legacies ~ on Mother’s Day (almost)

My Family - Version 3Hey you three! Yeah you, Alexandra, Ariana & Samuel. This song came up on my playlist the other day and I became overwhelmed with gratitude that I was chosen to be your Mom. You may think it ‘cheesy’, but as I was crying in the car on the way home listening to this song and experiencing waves of faintness from Lyme disease, I was hoping and praying I would not faint or due to blurred vision cause a car crash causing bodily harm to anyone. Since obviously I made it home safely, I had to send you this song in honor of Mother’s Day.

Find Your Wings

I know I have told you many, many times how much I love you, admire and appreciate you, but even so, it’s one thing that bears repeating.

Consequently, I will be forever indebted to my wonderful Grandmother, 2011_06_07_10_44_09who against all the odds became a Christian in midlife beginning a wonderful legacy.

I am also forever indebted to my beautiful - Version 2 (1)Mom who has continued that legacy. Image 28

And on it goes through each of you. Image 8

That is beauty. It is a brilliance that paints my world with incalculable gratitude.

Recently I found this note that I had written to you guys long ago tucked away in an envelope, (just in case…) as Dad and I left for a short weekend trip to Miami. This also bears repeating. IMG_5319

Thank you for making me a less selfish, more loving, caring, compassionate, joyful and ‘weird’ person (in a good way.) I am so thankful.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY especially to MY MOM, Mary Louise Tremain, and to all the other mothers out there, and to everyone who has a mother (ha), and to the kids that made that possible!



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