On flinging our rage and unrest at God – #PrayforSPU

IMG_5746“The dialogue between God and Job looks more like a trial at court. Job seeks vindication and demands God give it to him. When God answers Job, “Brace yourself like a man,” he is not browbeating Job. Rather, he encourages Job to ready himself with all the human might he can muster so he can somehow comprehend how wide and how deep, how magnificent and unearthly God is.

I had always interpreted this section differently: “Okay, little man, now that you’ve stated your quibbling inquiry and your pleading for vindication, I will tell you how great I am and you will take it like a man.”

But this is not God’s posture at all. It’s as if Job hurls every rock of pain and sorrow and confusion at God, and God responds with compassion: “Okay, my beloved child, let me help you understand. Brace yourself, and use all your human faculties to comprehend what I’m about to tell you. I think you’ll find comfort. ”

I believe God expects us to flail and wail and throw glass at the sky and demand to know what’s going on. Grace and glory are real, but they’re umbrellas covering us as hell falls, not grappling hooks pulling us out of pain. The people who offer those sentiments, though well-intentioned, have never suffered or fail to grasp God’s overwhelming depth – which all of us do to some degree.

Of course God works all things for the good. But how does knowing that help {SPU} now? It does provide a beam of hope – a sliver of brilliance. But in the meantime, they wade through tears and doubt. There is no real answer for suffering other than flinging our rage and unrest at God.

He’s big enough to listen as we wallow in despair. He’s big enough to blow us away with the depth of his being in a transcendent effort to comfort us. And indeed, Job found comfort.”



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