Oh. This. Man.

34 years ago I committed to love and cherish this man. I still do. Though not perfectly. Somehow he doesn’t remember those imperfections.


34 years plus one day ago we began our adventure with the most amazing week on the beaches of South Carolina on Hilton Head Island.

2011_01_23_11_33_11.pdf000_2 2011_01_23_11_35_04.pdf000_2

Too crazy. Too young. Still crazy.

So grateful for his unconditional love.

So grateful for our lives together.

So grateful for our 3 amazing children turned adults.

Looking forward.

(This all seems surreal.)

Happy Anniversary baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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One Response to Oh. This. Man.

  1. Happy Anniversary! Love those pics! God bless your family!

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