On a small world…

… a big shout out to United States, United Kingdom, Brasil, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Philippines, Spain, Barbados, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, Malaysia, Argentina, Italy, France, Sweden, Vietnam, Chile, Japan, Indonesia, China, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, South Africa, Denmark, Finland, Colombia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russian Federation, Nigeria, Korea, Pakistan, Iceland, Moldova, Mauritius, Portugal, Botswana, Taiwan, Peru Uganda, Suriname, Greece, Costa Rica, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Belgium, Austria, Honduras, Iraq, Latvia, Cambodia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Croatia, Fiji, Cyprus, Venezuela, Egypt, Ukraine, Lesotho, Slovenia, Poland, Kuwait, Haiti, Bulgaria, Federated States of Micronesia

I’m humbled that anyone reads my blog, but who knew it was happening all over the world.




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2 Responses to On a small world…

  1. pltk says:

    So how can you tell?

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