On getting fit #CrossFit

A little over one year ago I was out doing my regular “exercise” routine, walking along, or rather, strolling along the W & OD bike trail near my home in Vienna. In a flash there was a petite woman running toward me like the speed of light, suddenly she dashed off the trail and ran through this huge garage door opening, jumped up on something that look like a monkey bar, and started doing pull-ups like crazy. I stood there for a moment in shock, thinking I could never ever do anything like that. That’s when I noticed the name above the door. It was CrossFit. That was the first time I’d seen that name and as luck(?) would have it, a couple days later, in my email there was a Groupon for a one-month membership at the North Vienna CrossFit. I decided to see what is was all about. Albeit a bit scared. Signing up in the middle of steamy July to join a gym, without air conditioning also seemed a bit crazy. I had no clue what I was getting into. My first day in the fundamentals class we had to do something called wall balls and, what seemed like a million air squats. At the time I could barely squat and get back up. I was in a class with three other women all younger than me and I was determined to keep up. Boy did I learn a tough lesson. I over did everything that day. The next day I was not able to return to class because I could barely walk. No exaggeration. I had to drag myself up the staircase at home using the handrail. This may be TMI, but when I used the bathroom I could barely sit down – it was excruciating. Miraculously, a few days later I was back, able to finish the fundamentals, and graduating to regular classes. Woot.

That was July. In August we were off to a lovely family holiday in Northern Michigan – the Sleeping Bear Dunes area, voted by Good Morning America viewers as the most beautiful area in the U. S. And it is certainly one of the most…IMG_3178 IMG_3137 IMG_3089 IMG_2924

In September, after Samuel left for Seattle to begin his Junior year at the university, Sam and I took the plunge and signed up together at Crossfit North Vienna. I was thrilled. Sam too, he just didn’t know it yet.

It’s been well over a year now and we are addicted-ish. We may be junkies…TBD. Seven a.m. is when we get our fix. I guess that’s enough ‘punny’ hyperbole. We do have the best coaches and the best class though. Without them we likely would not have lasted this long. Just call us a work in progress. We are so much stronger and feel so much better. At least any aches and pains are well-earned now.

Side note: 3 years ago Sam was diagnosed as diabetic. He no longer is. I was diagnosed with Lyme about the same time I started CrossFit. It hasn’t always been easy, but I believe this journey has definitely helped my body in my ongoing fight.

I still aspire to dash off the trail, jump up on the bars, and do at least a couple of pull ups. (That petite woman I mentioned is now one of my coaches.) Nevertheless, it really is great to finally be down to a weight I never wanted to get up to! Like I said, a work in progress. At least my clothes fit a whole lot better now.




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