On #ImmigrationReform or the lack thereof ~

Many view reform as building longer, higher walls, and deporting the lot of ‘them.’ Newsbreak: that does not even begin to solve the problem. Painting a simple picture, is far from helpful or accurate.

Some time ago, and more than once, Congress took action. (Shocking, I know.) Under the guise solving a problem, Congress actually made the problem greater. A problem cannot be solved in a vacuum. That is why comprehensive immigration reform is crucial.

Today, once again, I witnessed the utter shambles created when all discretion is taken away from Immigration judges. A father of young children, their sole support, is refused bond because there is no discretion. This is a man who will now lose his job since he will be incarcerated until his hearing date, 3 months from now. Meanwhile, we will all be supporting him and his family. There is no moral or ethical reason for that other than Congress tying the hands of the judges. One small example of the ridiculousness of it all. 


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