On why my husband does what he does #ImmigrationReform

“Mr. Smith,

I am writing to you today in appreciation for your wonderful help towards our case. We were all very fortunate to have found you. I will forever be thankful to you, for giving me the opportunity to get what I’ve always wanted; A piece in mind.
One thing I did learn throughout this whole process is to always stay positive, never give up. I have to admit I did go through some doubts, luckily everything went very smoothly and I’m proud to say that you helped accomplished that.
Having been able to see my parents with the joy that they felt is everything I could ever want. My parents needed that, and they needed it badly. Not only for them, but for my sibling also. They feel so secure now, its unbelievable how much something like that can change you.
Send my regard to *Mrs. Smith. She must feel so proud of you for helping others the way only you can.
P.S. We are planning a family trip this year.

Thank you,”

*I am!


About along the journey

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