On our last college graduation and beyond ~

Reprise: or, why I keep tearing up. #happytears

along the journey

2011_04_06_13_13_07I can hardly even think about all of this without tearing up. What a milestone. For us, and for Samuel Nehemiah Smith, III. This kid is putting me over the emotional edge this year. One, he’s my baby. Two, our last to graduate college. Three, (drum roll) he’s also getting married later this summer!!!! It is a lot to process.

My heart is so full. It’s bursting. (That’s either a beautiful visual, or a bloody one. The former please.)

He is such a sensitive and loving soul. When he was little, a simple disapproving look was all that was needed. Not that I believe in it, but no spanking necessary. He wanted to go to bed, early, as a toddler. No bedtime battles ever. He was willing to try everything we offered him to eat, including squid on a stick, which he loved.

He has a heart of compassion and…

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