On the wonderfulness of social media ~

IMG_4956This represents wonderfulness.

Don’t worry. I know all is not rosy. I have heard the horror stories, seen the terrible and hateful comments, especially this past week.  I have been a witness to the bullying, and yet… I still believe social media is a blessing. I am not saying those terrible things are ok. I am saying what some use for evil, others can use for good. And in the end, we all know, love wins.

My reasons for loving the outlets known as ‘social media:’

*A world of great writing is out there. It is attainable by a few clicks of computer keys. I love bloggers, meaningful post writers, tweeters, and tumblr posters. The good ones. The ones that use social media to highlight the positivity and beauty in life. The ones who are honest and ask the hard questions. I just love it. I do.

*It’s such a wondrous thought to me that someday my grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, and so on, will be able to read and know what their grandmother was passionate about. I would have loved that opportunity at my finger tips. I did write a report on my Grandpa once in middle school. He was my source, but I would have relished being able to read what he had written over the years, in real-time. How fascinating that would be.

*I love the photos. They tell a story. I know we all like to present the most wonderful story in our lives. What is wrong with that? Nothing. It’s joyful and uplifting. We should all know by now that no one’s life is perfect. So let’s just stipulate that, and enjoy the lovely moments shared.

*It is also a blessing to share in other’s sorrow and pain and to offer words of encouragement with the ease social media affords. That should not in any way diminish the sentiment.

*Social media is a great equalizer as well. It allows people to easily find out they are not alone in a given situation. Someone out there has been there, or is there, and is ready to offer community, support, and words of encouragement. We are very aware how, in a particular situation, Facebook (almost literally) saved the life of a loved one.

*How great is it to keep up with friends and family, far and near?! I love that even though I do not see my nieces and nephews as often as I would like, I can still easily track their progress in life. I can watch them cross a finish line, hear and see them play at a concert, get a glimpse at their award-winning artwork-you see what I mean.

*I am ‘friends’ with all my kids. I follow them on twitter and instagram. They share so many articles, thoughts, photos, and opinions that inspire me. A weekend visit may not allow enough time to cover it all. It’s great to keep up in real-time. There are still texts, emails, and phone calls. Social media is just another excellent form of communication.

*I have always been passionate about the ‘underdogs’ of the world. It is overwhelming at times, but the awareness that social media affords is invaluable. Being able to keep up with our charities and what they are doing around the world, and being able to easily make donations has been a literal godsend.

*Social media is also an exceptional way to bring awareness to an issue or situation, or any social injustice that the mainstream media and/or politicians may gloss over or ignore completely. It often brings about change. Sometimes at warp speed. My most recent cause: Ideas on reconciliation, needs a grassroots uprising and is worthy of it. This kind of awareness is important and a huge blessing.

It’s not all about cute photos and kitten videos to me. 🙂




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