TLC’s Child-Abuse Documentary Should Not Include the Duggars

Victim blaming has no place in this world.


Whenever I watched TLC’s 19 Kids & Counting, I never questioned what I saw—I questioned what I didn’t see. I just knew too much. I grew up in a similar religious environment. As a little girl, I knew how to put on a good public performance, and I also knew what happened when nobody was watching.

TLC announced Thursday that it was canceling the show after allegations were made public that Josh Duggar, one of the children on the show, had molested his sisters when he was a teenager. In response, the Duggars said in a statement that their desire in doing the show was to “share Bible principles that are the answers to life’s problems.” My fundamentalist Christian family had that desire, too.

But as I learned from tragic experience, it was all the answers that we weren’t giving about our lives that became the problems…

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