Are you defined by what you are for? Or what you are against?

This resonates…. 

“Nothing true about God can be said from a posture of defense.” Cross-shaped love speaks for itself, but does not need to defend itself. The unique claim of the Church is that the worst thing that could happen in the world has already happened through our violent murder of God, but God has already overcome through resurrection! So for us, there is never reason to feel afraid or threatened by outsiders or antagonists. We are enabled through the cross of Jesus to speak and act in the confidence/assurance of love. 
We have to be suspicious of our native inclination to find our life and our identity by naming who or what we are against. We have to align our lives broadly to hard-edged hope, rather than cynicism. This is what it means to be formed into the character of Christ. 
Our “culture wars” are often little more than over-pietized, self-righteous attempts to impose our beliefs and values on the rest of the world. That is hardly standing against injustice.”



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