Ari’s turning 26?!!

This morning at 6:06 AM my second baby really did turn 26! It’s ridiculous how fast time travels! As I write this, it brings tears to my eyes; not from sadness, or worry, or any of those negative emotions; just overwhelming gratitude for the beautiful young woman she has become. She’s so full of hopes and beautiful dreams, and strong desire to simply make the world a better place in each moment. Everything she sets her mind to she does well. She’s a thoughtful friend, an amazing chef and baker, a wonderful daughter. Her compassion drives her, demonstrating sacrificial love doesn’t mean a burden, rather it creates joy. When my mom was in the hospital and rehab these past few months, both my daughters called to ask what they could do to help. They took time off from their jobs and traveled at their expense to help out, giving me and my mom wonderful support.

Ariana, I hope your birthday celebration in Montauk, Long Island is a wonderful celebration of you!  We love you and we look forward to celebrating with you too!




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