Hilton Head revisited!

Yep, that's us.

Yep, that’s us.

Happy 36th to us (yesterday)! It has been a crazy, fun, daunting, challenging, exciting journey. At times difficult. But we’re here, filled with more love than ever. There is something about a road well-traveled that brings unbelievable contentment.

We had wanted to return to Hilton Head since we honeymooned there 36 years ago. When Sam ended up having a court case in Atlanta right around the weekend of our anniversary, he decided to surprise me. Such perfect timing. Our hotel was still there! Formerly Hyatt, now Marriott. We had heard it was torn down, yet it was still standing beautifully. Our favourite restaurant, the one we walked to almost every evening of our honeymoon (it was that good) was still there as well! So of course we had our anniversary celebratory dinner there, and it was still spectacular.

It’s surreal we are at 36 years. 36 years ago I would have thought 36 would be such an ancient marker. Today, I no longer feel that way. We are now looking forward to the next 36 years. I’ll be 92, Sam will be 95. Go us!

Sooooo grateful to an amazing partner in life. I’m not that easy to live with and he has done it with prodigious grace. Love you babe!

My guy.

My guy.


36 years later, still hot.


Then. Loving life.

IMG_2582 (1)

Now. Definitely still loving life.



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