Happy 59th Anniversary Mom & Dad!


img_21462016_09_10_17_39_54What a year it’s been, yet your example of commitment, example of unconditional love, example of loving others as yourself, example of pushing through and not giving up. < Especially that!  And your example of loving God, has stood the test. 
Each of your families’ did not have a faith in God until later in life. They beat the odds. You each grew up in families that did not model Christianity until you were older, yet you embraced Christianity as your own. You beat the odds. You raised 5 kids who are now all working out their faith in their lives and their families’ lives. I’m proud to be part the 3rd generation raising the 4th generation with a strong belief in God and His graciousness to us.

Happy 59th Anniversary! What a blessing. May God continue to keep you and cause His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you!


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