Why I cannot vote for an alleged sexual predator–

unknownA friend the other day said, “I believe two of his abusers have been discredited.” Along with, “and the women are just now coming out against Trump?” This just gave me a terrible pit in my stomach. My first thought was, even IF some are discredited, some are not. What about those?? Just as with Bill Cosby, women were terrorized by a man in power, and lived with it for years. Yes, they are just coming out publicly now, yet many shared their experience within their inner circle at the time, just like I did.

When I was 12, that’s 44 years ago, someone I thought I could trust, tried to sexually assault me. I’m of the mind now that trying is the same as actually doing it. I remember staying overnight at their house, the next morning I was lying on my side on the rough carpeting in front of the television watching cartoons. He laid down behind me eventually putting his arm around me, I was already uncomfortable at that point, then he began to slide his hand down my stomach. I quickly stood up declaring I needed to go home. I remember those details like it was yesterday. I don’t remember what I did or said when I got home. I do remember that I was really ‘creeped out’ (7th grade vernacular). Thankfully I was raised in a home where I felt loved, and wanted, and I knew beyond a doubt what happened that morning was not okay. Since then I’ve learned there were other victims.

So, yeah, as I tell this story today, someone could try to discredit me in some way. My story  would still be true. And you better believe if that person was running for President today, and said he had never behaved in that manner, I would speak up and not let a lie like that go unchallenged. It sickens me how so many are making this a nonsuit.

So much about Trump is not okay. Should not be okay. Yet the machine is working overtime to rationalize and justify his words and behavior. It disgusts me.

As a mom who cares deeply about her daughters, and your daughters, and the sanctity of life, I cannot, and did not vote for Trump.

And there’s this (one more among many):

I’ve Met “Donald Trump” and I’m Sick of You Defending Him (Guest Post by Mandi Livingston)


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