One thing I’m weary of hearing & One thing I love to hear #immigration

imagesIf I have to hear one more time… “they just need to wait in line.” Really Jeff Sessions?! What do you know about it? What about the child who has escaped their country with their life as the local gang demanded their allegiance?? What kind of line were they to get in?? That’s a reality for too many young people. Just ask the family whose child was deported back to their country, and brutally murdered a week later. Not an isolated incident.

We have been working for comprehensive Immigration reform for years now. It is constantly politicized, and nothing gets done. Immigration reform needs to be a priority.

My husband, Sam, is an amazing Immigration attorney. He has worked tirelessly for decades to help families in dire situations. He ‘wins’ his cases more often than not. He is just good at what he does, but he also recognizes the real human stories behind each and every case, which propels him. He knows that often, his work can be life or death. He has had to console families as a loved one was sent back to a sure death. He knows families who have had fathers beheaded, and children tortured. Often related to the fact that the immigration judge had their hands tied because Congress stripped them of discretion.

Many view reform as building longer, higher walls, and deporting the lot of ‘them.’ Newsbreak: that does not even begin to solve the problem. Painting a simple picture, is far from helpful or accurate. Some time ago, and more than once, Congress took action. (Shocking, I know.) Under the guise of solving a problem, they actually made the problem greater. A problem cannot be solved in a vacuum. That is why comprehensive immigration reform is crucial. Recently I witnessed the utter shambles created when all discretion is taken away from Immigration judges. A father of young children, their sole support, is refused bond, because of no discretion. This is a man who will now lose his job since he will be incarcerated until his hearing date, in 3 months. Meanwhile, ‘we’ will all be supporting him and his family. There is no moral or ethical reason for that other than Congress tying the hands of the judges. One small example of the ridiculousness of it all. Jeff Sessions really doesn’t have a clue.

IMG_1340I will always love hearing the joy in a family’s emotion and words as they embrace Sam sobbing, and thank him for all he’s done to help their loved one. We desperately need immigration reform, but we also need more attorneys like Sam, for whom their job is much more than a job. It’s a calling.


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